Sunday, April 14, 2013


Assalamulaikum and peace outstanding guidance to Muslims. Today I took the time to complete my new motivational book new entitled "Motivation Learning Styles Moris". I wrote the first chapter relates to recognize our potential. This chapter I bring the students to recall science form 3 chapter 4, entitled "reproduction". I like to bring readers will read this book to reflect and I recall telling the creation of man as explained by Allah Almighty in the Quran. Human AFTER ADAM Prophet it is created from a drop of semen. The process of the creation of man is full of motivation and awareness that we have become one of the best but we also have to be a champion. As we know the woman has a seed called only one ovum compared with men who produce semen contains millions of sperm. When sperm release millions of sperm they vying with each other and compete with each other to be the first to be able to merge with the ovum nucleus. If the mind behind some of the sperms swim freestyle way possible, swim butterfly style, swim backstroke, swimming frog for sure be the first to meet with the ovum. However, only a one sperm actually effective sperm from the million sperm can be the first and have luck to meet ovum. The question of who is? The answer is "us"! why us? not others sperm? this answer will soon..

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