Sunday, April 14, 2013


Assalamulaikum and guidance to not greet this muslim. Today I feel a little eager to post this in my blog .. may be because there is little sense of motivation to write even in broken English. What is important is that I got the hang of them read my blog is that in the process of re-activated. Why are many people especially kelantanian they are very afraid to speak and write in English. Most of those reasons is because of the shame, and fear is said to pretend we said stupid people. Not good to speak english well spoken in English. The fact that English is merely a language and as a tool to communicate. Although full of talk and write broken English but if they are being read and talked with us is that we understand what we are talking about means of communication has been successful. In fact, the information and ideas that we want to give also been successful. So why still need to be afraid to speak in english. Remember, language is simply a means of communication and english language is not an instrument for measuring a person is intelligent or stupid. If the English language as a tool to calculate a person's clever or stupid so many people from Russia, japan, China and Korea arguably stupid and NOT clever .. because in their country, there are no English as a second or third language. The fact these countries are all advanced in technology and economics. Because of it. let us together to learn english to increase our self-confidence improving communication skills and writing proficiency in the english language. Remember the english language is simply a means of communication and not a device to measure a person's intelligence and stupidity.

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